February 9, 2022

Disgraced Gov Cuomo Says He’s Been ‘Vindicated’

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Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said he feels “vindicated” almost six months after resigning from office amid of sexual harassment allegations, and he’s not ruling out running for office again in the future.

Cuomo’s comments come after multiple state district attorneys announced that they would not prosecute the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

However, the prosecutors have emphasized that the decision not to pursue charges against the former governor does not diminish the credibility of the accusations against him. Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes said the woman who brought the allegation against Cuomo was “reliable and reasonable, seemingly motivated only by an earnest desire to do the right thing.”

But Cuomo views the district attorneys choosing not to prosecute as tantamount to absolving him, despite the New York state attorney general’s report that concluded he had sexually harassed 11 women — the report that led to Cuomo’s resignation in August.

“It turns out in a remarkably short period of time that it did become all bogus. 11 became zero,” Cuomo told Bloomberg.

“If you do an honest summary, which is what I get from people on the street, I have been vindicated.”

When asked about his political future, Cuomo said: “I’m still focused on communicating what happened here. Because as a precedent, it has to be exposed.”

“Vindication is not the reason to run for office,” he added.


Andrew Cuomo Says He’s Been ‘Vindicated,’ Won’t Rule Out Run

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