April 18, 2022

DeSantis Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban Into Law

    1783: American Revolution – George Washington issues General Order announcing the end of hostilities with Britain, giving thanks to the Almighty, offering congratulations, and authorizing an extra ration of alcohol to the troops to celebrate.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) enacted a bill banning all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with an exception only in cases of a medical emergency or a “fatal fetal abnormality.”

    “This is a time where these babies have beating hearts. They can move. They can taste. They can see. They can feel pain. They can suck their thumbs, and they have brain waves,” DeSantis said.

    The governor lambasted those with far-left abortion beliefs.

    “They are taking the position that babies can be aborted up to the ninth month,” he said. “What they would say is, ‘parent holding that child, if you just go back a day or two, then you would have been able to snuff the child out entirely.'”

    “That is just fundamentally wrong, that is infanticide, and that has no place,” DeSantis said.

    The law will go into effect on July 1. Currently, Florida law permits abortions up until the 24th week of pregnancy.

    “This will represent the most significant protections for life that have been enacted in this state in a generation,” DeSantis said.

    Planned Parenthood condemned the bill and DeSantis for signing it.

    “We are appalled that this abortion ban was signed. Not only will it prevent health care providers — including those at Planned Parenthood — from giving their patients the best care possible, but it will limit options for people in many complex and potentially life threatening situations,” said Alexandra Mandado, president and CEO, Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida.


    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs 15-week abortion ban into law

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I wish Governor DeSantis Would have enacted a law like Oklahoma did. Their new law prohibits abortion except in the case of the mother’s life is in danger. If every state had this law we would not have a decline in population except in Chicago where you would have to replace the upper echelon of city government to stop the killings with better policies towards gangs in the city.


I agree,


He doesn’t go far enough. In cases of rape and incest. Family’s with pride issues won’t allow the child created not from love but lust and power to be put up for adoption. And makes the woman take care of said child. She will go through the motions but everytime she looks at the child born in such a manner she cannot love the child unconditionally. She will always remember the evil of the event that created this life. And if she had dreams they are now destroyed. If the woman is allowed to put it up for adoption, with or without the caveat of at the time after HS graduation if the child wishes to meet his real mom. I have worked with girls and learned 1st hand about their emotional health and a child not created by love. If forced to keep the child always has resentment and the child will sense that. Nothing is 100% but statistics show the evidence.


I understand your concern. My question is why would they not be able to perform an abortion prior to the 15-week cutoff? I can see where there might be some extenuating circumstances, but 3+ months is quite a while to respond and should provide the vast majority with their choice to terminate the pregnancy.

Gerald Ladd

It’ll just piss off the demonRATS They use abortion as their birth control.


I couldn’t care less what Planned Parenthood thinks or desires. One day those who work for Planned Parenthood will have to give an account of themselves to the highest of authorities and there will be no appeal, no argument, no reprieve. God’s judgement will be final and you can take that to the bank.


Q. How stupid is Planned Parenthood?
A. It’s still trying to peddle abortion as “health care.”

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