December 4, 2022

DeSantis Explains Why There Wasn’t a Red Wave During Midterms

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) addressed the Republican Party’s underperformance in this year’s midterm elections, saying that the Red Wave failed to materialize because the GOP didn’t focus on delivering results for the voters.

DeSantis said that Republicans “assumed we were going to end up with like, 245 House members, we’re at 222 it looks like — which is a huge underperformance.”

“And so the question is, why did that happen? Because the way these midterms work, someone gets elected to the White House, and then there’s a reaction the other way. That’s what happens almost every two years — and especially when people are pessimistic about the direction of the country, have a negative view on Biden — usually those voters are going to want to vote for people that are offering an alternative.”

DeSantis said that despite the fact that some U.S. voters disapproved of President Joe Biden and the country’s overall direction, “They still didn’t want to vote for some of our candidates.”

The governor doesn’t believe that the GOP’s underperformance in the midterms is a result of a divided party, but it’s due to Republicans nationwide not following what he and other Florida Republicans are doing.

DeSantis said that Florida Republicans have “exercised leadership, we’ve not kowtowed, we’ve been willing to take on big interests … producing results.”

“And that ends up attracting more people to want to be on your team,” DeSantis said, adding that this methodology “was not something that was happening throughout the rest of the country.”

Watch DeSantis’ remarks below:

Source: The Daily Wire

8 comments on DeSantis Explains Why There Wasn’t a Red Wave During Midterms

  1. John J says:

    2024 will be a very interesting year

  2. maxi says:

    the reasons> Perhaps the biggest because McConnel was spending taxpayer donations to support the left side. Like Murkowski. and did not support any maga on the right. Or maybe because of election intregity lacking like people in PA handing out how to vote cards, by the way there were no republicans listed there either. Or maybe there might be cheating like in AZ and PA. Nevada does not have a clean slate either. Plus anyone voting Fetterman over Oz that is republican or independent is just plain stupid. If people cannot see what this agenaa is in thruth they truly deserve all they will deliver. remember we are still in happy days . the rough ones are still coming. Actually rough is a moderate term hell on earth is more clearly it.

    1. Trinh Phung says:

      Florida succeeded because Florida republicans are in charge and can produce results to show the voters. Nationwide, Republican does not have a running leadership because Biden is in charge. In fighting and secret deals among top leaders to go against Trump to reduce his influence and to prevent him to win 2024 presidential run are the main cause why nationwide do not have similar win results as in Florida. Florida united and have the governing position to produce results to attract voters. Nationwide is very different because of not in position to govern as in Florida. Infighting and Mc Connell gave away the store to Democrat senate so no results to attract voter. Then cutting funding to support Trump candidates results in less winning seats. Two different scenarios so we can’t compare why Florida did better than nationwide.

  3. ssilv48 says:

    The fact that no one talks about the truth, which is huge and no one follows the truth, the rats run amuck with criminal crimes. It’s called STEALING THE VOTES AND AS LONG AS AMERICA USES MAIL IN VOTES THE RATS WILL CONTINUE TO WIN, YOUR A BUNCH OF IDIOTS

    1. That along with machines that can be programmed to change votes at the touch of a button.

  4. Tim says:

    Amerikans (that don’t work) are fond of the socialism. The slaves (that do work) have half of what they produce taken in the form of taxes, every year. These slave are told by their masters that Amerika is a free country. Donald Trump said “Amerika will never be a socialist country”. Your vote was watered down in 1965, eliminated in 2020. We were told by the founders and Jesus to SEPARATE from such evil. “WE” are not good Amerikans, nor are “WE” good Christians. Good people obey the wise. We elevate the stupid.

  5. Ger says:

    McConnel is the deep state.

  6. Jimmy F says:

    We probably should’ve let Trump drain the Swamp. Now, we are paying the penalty for letting the Swamp and the Deep State take control in 2020. And don’t even let me get started on Fetterman and Hobbs. Oz and Kari Lake had clear agendas and either the people of PA and Az were satanically misled or there are very good cheating machines in those states. If we had voted for Oz and Kari Lake, many criminals in government would’ve been exposed. Now we’re back to square one with only a small majority in the House to provide checks and balances to prevent the Swamp and Deep State from ushering in WW3 or the Apocalypse. I’m just enormously pissed at PA and AZ for voting for two leftist lunatics in place of sound-minded people who would’ve provided good leadership. I’m still inclined to believe that the Devil has these people in his pocket because nothing but utter lunacy could be concluded for the way they voted. There is, however, still the possibility that ignorant Christians did not vote as they should have, and that is equally as stupid as voting for Hobbs and Fetterman. If that’s the case, then God is punishing them and the rest of us who actually used their God-given brain to vote in keeping with Biblical principles. Shame on them. May God repay them for their lack of faith. By the looks of current conditions, that’s already happening. Perhaps God will punish us but then rescue us in 2024 after we’re beat to a pulp but the lunatics currently in office. We’re sorry, Lord for our lack of faith. Rescue us from ourselves.

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