December 29, 2021

Democrats Worry Over Their Grip on Hispanic Voters

Democrats are concerned that their grip on the support of Hispanic voters is loosening.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll showed that Hispanic voters are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, potentially spelling disaster for the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Do I think that Democrats’ heads should be on fire over this issue? Yeah, I do. I think that their head should be on fire over this issue every day regardless of what polls say,” said Ivan Zapien, Democratic lobbyist and former executive director at the Hispanic Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The Journal’s poll found that only 44% of Hispanic voters would cast their ballot for Biden if the 2024 election were held today. Comparatively, 43% said they would vote for former President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think that there’s a magic wand or a particular issue that is going to assure you some sort of long-term fidelity by ‘the Hispanic vote.’ Or even segments of the Hispanic vote,” Zapien said. “The party that spends the most time, energy and resources communicating with them, where they are, is going to have the momentum.” 

Lucas Acosta, coalitions director and senior spokesman at the DNC, argued that the Biden administration has delivered for Latino families.

“In the coming year, Democrats will continue to make the case to Latinos that while President Biden has focused on improving their lives, Republicans have consistently tried to stand in the way,” Acosta said.


Democrats worry their grip on Hispanic vote is loosening

One comment on “Democrats Worry Over Their Grip on Hispanic Voters

  1. Hcatguy says:

    It seems the Dems have two problems, grip on Hispanics as well as a grip on reality.

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