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January 1, Democrat Gets Protested By Climate Activists



Ladies and gentlemen, this here is a tale about a man, a pipeline, and a mob that’s lost sight of the bigger picture.

Yes, I’m talking about Senator Joe Manchin and the recent Semafor event.

As he stood his ground discussing the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a group of climate protesters decided they’d seen and heard enough.

So they did what folks do these days when they disagree with something – they shouted him down.

Manchin has a bone to pick with his Democratic colleagues who’ve been nipping at his heels over his support for the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Senator Tim Kaine, for instance, tried to yank out the language that gave the green light to this pipeline in a debt ceiling bill.

I’ve got news for you, Tim – your amendment didn’t pass.

Then, these protesters had the audacity to sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

If they understood the significance of that song, they would know it’s about love for one’s home, and the pursuit of prosperity within it.

For West Virginians, this pipeline can bring that – jobs, economic growth, energy independence.

Now, let’s get one thing straight.

We’re all for protecting the Earth, but folks, we’ve got to keep the lights on too.

This isn’t some whimsical pipeline dream that Manchin pulled out of thin air.

It’s been scrutinized, debated, and now it’s “just time to move on,” as the Senator himself put it.

We’re living in a world where the word ‘compromise’ is becoming as scarce as hen’s teeth.

But let’s not forget, it’s the bedrock of any great democracy.

Manchin’s caught between the rock of his party and the hard place of his constituents.

But he’s sticking to his guns because he knows the value of that pipeline for his community.

Sure, it’s a ‘dirty deal’ in the protesters’ eyes.

But what about the folks back in West Virginia, depending on that pipeline for jobs, for a better life?

If we’re going to shout, let’s shout for them too.

But hey, this is just the musings of an old cowboy living in a digital age.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll find a way to keep the lights on without a single drop of oil or a puff of coal smoke.

Until then, we’ve got to deal with the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be.

And that, my friends, takes more than chants and signs.

It takes grit, resolve, and yes, pipelines.




  1. Judy

    June 13, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    Never trust a Dem/Communist.

    • Charles Evering

      June 13, 2023 at 8:05 pm

      Yes and that is definitely Timothy Kaine and his ABORTION loving wife. She likes to KILL them Evan after they are born.

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