April 6, 2022

Deja Vu: Obama Returns to the White House

Former President Barack Obama made his first appearance at the White House for the first time since leaving office.

“It is good to be back in the White House. It’s been awhile,” Obama said. “I confess, I heard some changes have been made by the current president since I was last here.”

“Apparently, Secret Service agents have to wear aviator glasses now,” he continued, referencing the shades that Biden is known to wear. “The Navy mess has been replaced by a Baskin Robbins. And there’s a cat running around.”

Obama gave remarks alongside President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the East Room, touting the Affordable Care Act and receiving a standing ovation from Congress members, administration officials, and other attendees.

“I know how discouraged people can get with Washington. Democrats, Republicans, independents. Everybody feels frustrated sometimes about what takes place in this town. Progress feels way to slow sometimes,” Obama said. “Victories are often incomplete and in a country as big and diverse as ours, consensus never comes easily.

“But what the affordable care act shows is if you are driven by the core idea that together we can improve the lives of this generation and the next, and if you’re persistent, if you stay with it and are willing to work through the obstacles and the criticism and continually improve where you fall short, you can make America better.”

The Hill noted that Obama is still one the most popular Democrats, and his appearance comes amid Biden’s fledgling approval ratings.


Obama joins Biden for first White House appearance since 2017

2 comments on Deja Vu: Obama Returns to the White House

  1. B. Clinton says:

    Awesome meeting!!! 2 Half Blacks and one half wit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bill says:

    I see that Obama cant even stay out of our lives for long. He has now weaseled his way back in to the power center{White House} and is now very openly guiding his plan for the complete and total destruction of our United States. Evil openly rears its mongrel head to bite we conservatives with its poisons. Disney comes to mind as one of Obamas prime propaganda outlets. Destroy Disney!!

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