June 3, 2022

Defunded Police Department Forced to Stop Investigating New Assaults

An internal memo shows that the staffing shortage within the Seattle Police Department’s Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit has gotten to the point where it’s stopped taking on new adult sexual assault cases.

Sgt. Pamela St. John wrote a four-page internal memo entitled “Staffing Issues” to interim police Chief Adrian Diaz on April 11, saying she has “30 adult sexual assault cases that should be assigned to a detective if I had proper staffing.”

“The community expects our agency to respond to reports of sexual violence and at current staffing levels that objective is unattainable,” St. John wrote.

“The necessity for on-call detective response to Sexual Assault cases cannot be understated, but with current staffing levels the burden that falls upon our detectives is too high. A skilled detective is required to proactively investigate a sexual assault case.”

In 2019, the unit had 12 detectives — but as of now, it only has four.

“This depletion has left the remaining detectives with unsustainable caseloads,” St. John wrote.

“That burden is even more impactful in our unit given the content and nature of the investigations which directly leads to secondary issues such as burnout and compassion fatigue.” 


Seattle police memo shows defunded force stopped investigating new adult sexual assaults this year

4 comments on Defunded Police Department Forced to Stop Investigating New Assaults

  1. Archiebald says:

    The community members are responsible for putting in office those who believe the police (whether whiter, black or brown officers) are inherently bad. Ignorant is the best word to decribe these members.

  2. Gunny Gil says:

    So now the democrat based perverts who defunded the police are free to grab your kid from the park and have their perverted way with it

  3. Muffin says:

    The miss-management in Seattle as well as all Dumbocrta states is coming home to roost. Watch, they’ll next complain they need MORE police.. TOUGH! I really feel for the dumb residents of these blue states who elected the DUMOCRATS!

  4. Lorne says:

    What did I miss?

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