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January 1, Customs Computers Crash, Snarl American Airports



So much for flying the friendly skies. Can you imagine returning from a foreign destination only to sit for hours at customs, waiting on the federal government to get it’s computers back up and running? That’s what happened yesterday, affecting tens of thousands of people. Things are back up and running normally now, but the take away here — our government computer networks are vulnerable. This time it’s at the airport, next time it could be at the ballot box. 

You can also read more about former White House communication director Anthony Scaramucci’s media “jihad” against is former boss, President Trump. According to scientists in Alaska, global warming is killing salmon, and we also have the latest on billionaire/convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy. Read all about it. 

– Fraser Dixon

Autopsy: Epstein Death Suicide By Hanging

(Reuters) – Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson said her determination of the cause of death came after a “careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings.”

“Cause: Hanging. Manner: Suicide,” the statement said, without providing supporting details for Sampson’s findings.

Reuters has more here. 

Scaramucci Suspended from Twitter for ‘Fat-Shaming’ Trump

(Axios) – Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci posted a video of Trump’s comment and tweeted about the president’s comments “Said the fattest President since William Howard Taft…”

Twitter, in an email to The New York Post, confirmed that Scaramucci had been “suspended, not locked.”

Read more from the New York Post here, and Axios here.

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Hot Water in Alaska is Killing Salmon

(CNN) – “I’m not sure people expected how large a die-off we’d see on these rivers,” Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, director of the Yukon Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, told CNN. 

Scientists have been tracking stream temperatures around the Cook Inlet, located south of Anchorage, since 2002. They’ve never recorded a temperature above 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Until now.

Click here to learn more from CNN about how climate change is killing Alaskan salmon

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