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January 1, Coronavirus & Travel: A ‘9/11-Like Feel’



This Day in History | 1981

Walter Cronkite signs off as anchorman of the “CBS Evening News” 

Good morning Middle Americans, 

Personally speaking, we flew from NYC to Florida just two days ago. And we can report to you that travel was completely normal, besides a few people wearing masks. But that’s not what we should expect in the future, at least according to Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly. He says the Coronavirus could cause a 9/11 like feel. 

Meanwhile, another cruise ship is sailing off the coast of California with several infected passengers on board. The others are restricted to their cabins and state rooms. Talk about claustrophobic. 

Did you catch President Trump on Fox News last night. He participated in his first town hall of his 2020 presidential campaign.  Well, things may have been a little awkward since the night before, the president blasted Fox during an interview with Sean Hannity. 

Also there are six more primary contests next week. Joe Biden looks to pick up more gains. 

Read all about it. 

– Fraser Dixon

Southwest Airlines CEO on Coronavirus: Domestic Travel Could Have ‘9/11-Like Feel’

(The Week) – Mounting concern over the new coronavirus outbreak has caused school closures and movie premiere pushbacks, and now the crisis’ effect on the aviation industry is drawing comparisons to 9/11.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly told CNBC on Thursday that the company has lost several hundred million dollars in a week’s time thanks to a decline in bookings amid increasing fears over COVID-19. Kelly added that the drop-off was “noticeable” and “precipitous” and has continued declining on a daily basis.

When prompted by CNBC’s Phil LeBeau over whether the drop was reminiscent of former dips in demand spurred by the 2003 SARS outbreak or the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Kelly said the new coronavirus outbreak was more like the latter.

“It has a 9/11-like feel,” Kelly said.

He explained that post-9/11 travel fallout was motivated by “fear” rather than being economically driven, saying fear is “really what’s manifested this time” with the new coronavirus outbreak.

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Coronavirus Fears Keep Cruise Ship In Limbo Off Coast

(San Francisco CBS) –  The Grand Princess remained floating off the California coast Thursday night, banned by Gov. Gavin Newsom from docking in San Francisco and any other California port until 45 passengers and crew members suffering from flu-like symptoms were tested for the coronavirus.

Cruise Tracker showed that by 11:30 a.m. the ship — carrying 2,422 passengers and 1,111 crew members — was off the San Mateo County coast, heading toward the San Francisco Bay.

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Trump Complains About Fox News on Hannity: ‘I Think They’re Trying to Be Very Politically Correct’

(Mediaite) – President Donald Trump ripped into Fox News in an interview Wednesday night with Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity — citing “difficulties” with the cable news giant.

Early on in the 45-minute phone interview, Trump went on an unprovoked riff against Fox News after Hannity asked about Joe Biden’s gaffes.

“Well, look, I don’t want to be too critical, I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest, and I’m sure that the Democrats are saying the same thing,” Trump said. “But they would rather have him than Bernie Sanders, and Bernie doesn’t make too many gaffes, but Bernie has his own difficulties.”

The president pivoted to blast the press.

“But the way they push, you know, the media is all on their side, when I say all, all but a little bit, including yourselves and some of the folks on Fox,” Trump told Hannity.

Trump went on to list a few personalities who support him, including radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh (whom Trump incorrectly cited as working at Fox News), Fox News host Mark Levin, and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. But then he also referenced “little difficulties” with the network at large.

“You have some great people, you have Rush, who is doing I hear really well, much better and Mark Levin. We have a lot of support. You would be amazed, we have a lot of support. The great Lou Dobbs, so many people we have as supporters out of just our Fox News, which, you know, I have my own little difficulties with, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump ripped the network for featuring “inappropriate” people on its air who say “very, very false things.”

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Biden Poised for Gains in Next Waves of Primaries

(The Hill) – Joe Biden looks poised to move into a dominant position in the Democratic race for president with the next two waves of primaries — only a short while after he was being counted out after dismal finishes in the early contests.

The former vice president is surfing a wave of momentum after his strong performance on Super Tuesday and the South Carolina victory that preceded it.

Biden’s chances and those of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have flipped with astonishing speed.

Only a few days before Super Tuesday, the conventional wisdom held that Biden would be doing well just to survive in competitive shape. Now, it is Sanders who faces a host of challenging contests in quick succession.

Six states vote next Tuesday, March 10, to be followed by another four on March 17.

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