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January 1, Congressman Announces ‘Serious’ Cancer Diagnosis



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A Democratic congressman from Michigan shared harrowing news about his health on Friday.

Rep. Dan Kildee revealed that he has “been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a serious but curable form of cancer.”

Despite the seriousness of his diagnosis, Kildee expressed gratitude for his “great doctors,” stating that the cancer was caught “very early” and that he would undergo surgery to remove it within weeks. He has a positive outlook on his prognosis and called it “excellent.”

“It’s never easy to hear the words you have cancer. But I know that so many other families have gone through a cancer diagnosis,” Kildee wrote on Twitter. “In a few weeks, I will have surgery to remove the cancer. The prognosis after surgery and treatment is excellent.”

The ordeal began when Kildee visited a doctor to examine a swollen lymph node. Upon examination, he discovered the swelling was caused by a “very small tumor” in one of his tonsils.

Despite the setback, Kildee remains determined to beat the cancer, telling constituents that he will “get through this” and “beat cancer.” While he will be away from the office, he assured his constituents that his office will remain open to serve them.

Source: The Hill

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