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January 1, Company’s Rosa Parks Tribute Backfires



In Houston, Texas, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) announced plans to place a yellow seat at the front of each of their buses to mark Rosa Parks’ 109th birthday.

“METRO will install a commemorative seat at the front of transit vehicles dedicated to Parks’ act of courage,” the company wrote in a tweet.

But METRO’s plan quickly backfired, as critics panned it as “performative activism.”

“Alternative options of honoring Rosa Parks: [a percentage] of February’s income to charities she supported; build a statue in front of main depot of Parks & Colvin; add additional or dedicate buses as an aid for voting/commute in lower served areas,” actress Markeia McCarty tweeted.

“Lol this is what they give us instead of healthcare or affordable housing. Virtue signaling,” another critic wrote.

METRO said they had no plans to remove the seats.

“We respect the fact that this gesture has sparked an important conversation on social media about social and economic opportunities for all,” they said.


Houston bus company blasted for ‘virtue signaling’ tribute to Rosa Parks

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