January 16, 2023

City Council Approves Islamic Animal Sacrifices

1793: French King Louis XVI sentenced to death by the National Convention during the French Revolution.

In Michigan, the Hamtramck City Council voted to allow the religious sacrifice of animals on residential property.

The all-Muslim city council voted 3-2 to amend a city ordinance to allow the practice following several months of heated debate and pressure from Muslim residents, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Muslims often slaughter animals, typically goats or sheep, during the Eid al-Adha holiday. Hamtramck has one of the highest percentage of Muslim residents in the country.

“If somebody wants to do it, they have a right to do their practice,” Councilman Mohammed Hassan said during the meeting.

Those opposed to the ordinance change say that it will lead to animal cruelty or sanitation problems in the city. They’re also worried about people being traumatized by seeing slaughtered goats, lambs, and cows in backyards, and the bloody scene the practice leaves behind.

Councilman Nayeem Choudhury said this is an issue of religious freedom.

“Our rights come first,” he said, adding that he was “born … Muslim, and that’s my faith, and I will stick with my same faith.”

Hamtramck residents will be required to notify the city, pay a fee, and make their property available for inspection.

Hamtramck has a population 28,000. More than half of the residents are of Yemeni or Bangladeshi descent, according to the Free Press.

Source: Detroit Free Press

17 comments on City Council Approves Islamic Animal Sacrifices

  1. Cathy Reynolds says:

    Here in the US we don’t practice animal cruelty. Newcomers to this country need to conform to our laws and customs. If they want to practice their cultural customs perhaps Islamic countries are more to their liking.

    1. Judi Bechtel says:

      City Council,
      Residents of Baltimore City are immersed in crime and murders.
      The approval of slaughtering animals adds to the sadness and disappointment of residents.
      Muslims can practice their cruelty and destruction of life in their countries.
      We here in the United States respect life. Muslim practices at the cost of innocent lives is not acceptable.

    2. Cat20 says:

      Absolutely! This is something that needs to be specifically discussed with any people migrating to this country. If they cannot abide by our laws/practices, they should not be granted citizenship.

      1. Rattlerjake says:

        You idiots just don’t get it! It’s called 1st amendment/religious freedom. Last time I checked, the Constitution is the LAW! The problem is that our forefathers were not specific and established freedom of religion, when they should have established freedom of Christianity! But they did this because several of them were freemasons Secondly, if we were a nation that really believed in the Constitution, we would NOT allow people of nations, who are known to be anti-American, to settle here, and definitely not be allowed to hold office – PERIOD! The Constitution plainly states that this nation is a republic with a “republican” form of government – this means that anyone with an anti-Constitution ideology (leftists, muslimes, communists, socialists, etc.) have no business in any elected or appointed position of authority. But because we have failed miserably at following the true intent of the Constitution, the dame is done and irreversible!

    1. Don says:

      Ditto but we’re talking about Michigan which quit being American.

      1. Joseph Bering, Jr says:

        Amen to that!

  2. Colorado Cowboy says:

    As a Christian, I am not an apologist for the Muslim religion, but I believe we should all be treated fairly, and that includes having our religious practices accurately characterized in stories like this. This is not änimal sacrifice, but slaughtering in a prescribed manner to prepare for the main Muslim holiday, Eid al-fitr. Jews have similar rules for slaughtering, but they do not normally do it in the back yard. Most of us eat slaughtered meat – we just don’t see the slaughter.

    For those who object to seeing slaughtered animals, do you get upset seeing your neighbor drive back from getting his annual deer with the dead deer on the front fender? If you don’t complain about that, check and see why you are upset about seeing a goad or lamb killed.

    1. Tom says:

      I agree CC. I have seen many deer slung on the back of trucks. I have seen pictures of dear camps where they slaughter but those camps are not in residential areas. Most people I know that eat venison get their deer professionally slaughtered and packed. I see no reason why these Muslim folks cannot do the same thing, instead of their backyard. Now in the case of the Jews, they used to slaughter in the temple, not the backyard. I see no reason why these Muslim folks cannot use their temple to slaughter, or, perhaps build a cinder block and concrete floored slaughterhouse for their slaughters. Then only the slaughterhouse would need to be inspected, not every Muslim back yard. Seems like there is plenty of room for moderation and compromise in this situation. But lets as Christians remember one thing, our God says “I desire mercy, not sacrifices.”

    2. james hunt says:

      Your an IDIOT!! The next thing it will be ok to stone unruly kids in the center o town! NO! You abide by American tradition and laws and not Demonic Religions which is anything outside of CHRISTIANITY!!!! We have allowed too many immigrants to bring their Demonic religions and traditions in public !!(IF THEY WANT TO PRACTICE IN PRIVATE IT IS OK) Kroger had a big part in this when they broke and started to give Mexican warehouse workers in Roanoke Va. time off, they struck because of Cinco de-Mayo! As Americans like you COMPANIES LIKE KROGER we are IDIOTS!!

      1. Rattlerjake says:

        Obviously you don’t believe in the Constitution! The 1st amendment is quite clear – freedom of religion (this includes religious practices).

    3. Colorado Cowboy, thank you. Reading the story I had not recalled that I’ve ever read Muslims “sacrificed” animals. You’ve straightened the record, and possibly defused some anger.

  3. Kajun Klown says:

    Oh good, I know where to go for this year’s sacrifice of the virgin so the volcano gods remain pleased.

  4. Bill says:

    Can’t the state of Michigan overrule this? Why haven’t we heard from PETA? This is wrong! Will they next allow stoning in the streets? Will they start throwing gays off of buildings? These are also things their “religion” dictates.

  5. kurt gandenberger says:

    people from failed cultures all over the world can come and bring their failed cultures with them. but this society is failing also. now we are allowing genital mutilation at the whim of parents and teachers. what next?

  6. June says:

    Muslim men can also have multiple wives – have they gotten away with that in the US? They have taken their ‘rules’ and even murdered their daughters in this country (but are punished)…..for going against the parents’ will. Just a lovely group of people.

    How can you murder an animal for any reason other than food? I’m sure they are thrilled they are allowed to break another American rule. They will fight us on every and anything …….

    1. Cat 20 says:

      America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs. Muslims are quite the opposite. The two groups are like oil and water. They don’t mix. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Why our country sets us up to have turmoil because we allow Muslims into America is beyond sane policy and essentially asks for trouble between the two religions.

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