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January 1, CDC Says Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Mask Off



Good Morning Americans,

Finally, freedom! If you are fully-vaccinated you can ditch your mask and go out mask-free. On Thursday, the CDC announced fully-vaccinated Americans are no longer required to wear masks or observe social distancing. And oh, the new rule applies to both indoors and outdoors. Cheers!

Gov. Ron DeSantis said in an interview that he will pardon all Florida residents who’ve been charged for not wearing a face mask or physically distancing. DeSantis announced the news last night when he appeared on Fox News alongside two Floridians who had been arrested several times for refusing to wear mask.

When America’s rover Perseverance landed on Mars a few months ago, the Chinese decided they will also send a rover to the Red Planet. China’s “Zhurong” rover is set to land on Mars in the coming days. The Tianwen-1 Mars probe was launched in July and entered Mars’ orbit in February.

Scientists have been successful in using artificial insemination to bring 97 baby sharks to life. The feat is the “largest-ever effort to artificially inseminate sharks.” The scientists had to collect semen from 19 male whitespotted bamboo sharks and then used it to inseminate 20 female sharks. The study took four years to complete.

When people see skateboarders, they often think of them as as rebels who have nothing better to do. But these “delinquents” will now be represented in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan. The sport will make its first appearance at the Games, making skateboarders athletes.

Bill Maher has tested positive for COVID-1 despite being fully vaccinated. This forced HBO to cancel the scheduled taping for this week’s episode. HBO said the talk show host “is asymptomatic and feels fine.” In the past, Maher questioned the efficacy of vaccines.

Take care,

Fraser Dixon


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