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January 1, CDC Exaggerates The Risk of Outdoor COVID-19 Transmission



Hello America,

If you think the risk of COVID-19 transmission outdoors is high, think again. The New York Times reported that the CDC is overly exaggerating the data when they said it was roughly 10 percent chance. But, actually it’s much much lower than 10 percent. It’s probably even less than 1 percent. Shame on you CDC for sowing fears into people’s minds.

In Ontario, Canada, shortages of Covid-19 vaccine supply prompted health officials to say that they might mix shots. Those who received Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine may get a different shot, say Moderna, for their second dose. If that’s safe and still deemed effective, then there’s nothing wrong with it right?

More than 1000 gas stations in the Southeast are out of fuel, creating panic in consumers. The pipeline running from Texas to New Jersey was hacked five days ago. Russia has denied involvement in the hacking. The pipeline transports 45 percent of the East Coast’s gas supply.

A Colorado neighborhood was shocked last weekend when a man fatally shot six adults at a birthday party. The suspect, who killed himself after the shooting, was reportedly upset because he was not invited to the party. One of the victims was his girlfriend.

Don’t lose the child in you. German researchers found older adults who claim they “feel younger” than their actual age display less signs of aging than their peers. The study also reveals that having a youthful attitude to life can promote “stronger cognitive abilities, less inflammation, fewer risks for hospitalization, and longer life in comparison to other adults who feel old.”

Alex Rodriguez may not be a ‘Bennifer’ fan at the moment. Reports say Rodriguez was shocked to learn that Jennifer Lopez, his ex-fiancée, appeared to be reuniting with ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck. The actor had been photographed coming and going from J.Lo’s L.A. home. Even Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon is thrilled about the reunion. I’m all for happy endings.

Enjoy your day,

Fraser Dixon


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