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January 1, Catholic Diocese Apologizes After Bishop Tells Children Santa Isn’t Real



In Italy, a Catholic diocese apologized to incensed parents after its bishop told a group of children that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Rev. Alessandro Paolino, a communications director for the Sicilian diocese, said that Bishop Antonio Stagliano was trying to highlight the true meaning of Christmas during a recent religious festival.

Local news outlets quoted Stagliano saying that Santa doesn’t exist and that Coca-Cola created his red costume for publicity.

“First of all, on behalf of the bishop, I express my sorrow for this declaration which has created disappointment in the little ones, and want to specify that Monsignor Stagliano’s intentions were quite different,” Paolino wrote on the diocese’s Facebook page.

“We certainly must not demolish the imagination of children, but draw good examples from it that are positive for life,” he added.


Bah! Humbug! Italy bishop tells children Santa doesn’t exist

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