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“Cash Stuffing” Can Help You Pay Off Debt. Here’s How It Works



Amid record-breaking inflation, a new trend is taking over TikTok: cash stuffing.

The concept of cash stuffing is similar to the envelope system — wherein people would put what they owe into envelopes and label it with what they need to pay.

Cash stuffing is helping people figure out exactly where their money is going amid skyrocketing inflation.

“Inflation shows up more quickly when an envelope’s targeted amounts aren’t sufficient and it requires taking the time to understand where the money is going,” said Diahann Lassus, a certified financial planner.

Experts say that the method requires “commitment, objectives and the development of an expense plan.” 

If you’re interested in trying it out, experts say you should start small.


Just list four or five expenses that you can start with … maybe your mortgage, water and electric bill, food and gas for your car. Get a simple binder and just work on being consistent every time you get your paycheck,” TikToker Shelise said.


Young people are saving money and paying off debt through ‘cash stuffing.’ Here’s how it works