June 7, 2022

Californians Air Grievances Over ‘Terrible’ Gas Prices

By T. Thompson In Finance, Latest News with Comments Off on Californians Air Grievances Over ‘Terrible’ Gas Prices

    Some Californians are now paying triple-digits to fill up their tanks.

    California’s average for regular gas currently sits at $6.34 per gallon, meaning that anyone filling 16 gallons or more is spending more than $100.

    “It’s terrible,” a Californian named Lisa told Yahoo Finance. “I can’t go visit my grandkids in Ventura County because of the gas prices, and then I work far away.”

    “Since I’m on a budget, I do drive a little bit less,” college student Alberto Bertrand told the outlet. “My tank doesn’t get filled up as much as it used to. So now when I would go cruising either down the beach or anything like that, I stay away from that now.”

    The surging gas prices are impacting Americans nationwide. According to economist Ed Yardeni, the average U.S. household spends more than $4,800 on gas annually — a 70% jump from last year.

    “Our minimum wage isn’t meeting what the prices are for gas,” Instacart driver Andy Garcia told the outlet.

    “So… say you work minimum wage somewhere, you work 6-hour shifts maybe part-time, or you work full time 8 hours, and you’re making minimum wage. What you’re making in one day is what you’re going to end up spending for gas to fill up your tank.”

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