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January 1, Book Claims Pence Supported Removing Trump



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NBA legend Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive. 

Good Morning Middle Americans!

Earlier this week the Justice Department announced that it was looking into the anonymous author of a soon-to-be released book called “A Warning”. This is the same person who penned a  New York Times op-ed a while back that claimed he/she was working with “the resistance” against President Trump’s agenda from inside the White House. The DOJ is looking to violations of the WH employees non-disclosure agreement.  But new revelations keep trickling out. The latest is hard to believe. 

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  • Fraser Dixon 

New Book Claims V.P. Pence Backed Plan to Remove Trump From Office

(Huffington Post) – The much-anticipated book “A Warning,” reportedly written by an unnamed senior White House official, claims that high-level White House aides were certain that Vice President Mike Pence would support the use of the 25th Amendment to have President Donald Trump removed from office because of mental incapacity.

According to the exposé, which is written by someone that The New York Times and the publisher of the book say is a current or former senior White House official, using the pen name “Anonymous,” highly placed White House officials did a back-of-the-envelope tally of which Cabinet members would be prepared to sign a letter invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which says that if the president is deemed unfit to discharge the duties of his office, the vice president would assume the role. 

Vice President Pence’s comms director called the report, “FAKE NEWS”. 

Trump’s GOP Has No Answer for Suburban Slide

(AP) – It’s difficult to draw sweeping conclusions from state elections, each with their own unique quirks and personalities. But there’s little doubt Tuesday’s outcome is a warning to Republicans across the nation a year out from the 2020 election and a year after the 2018 midterms: The suburbs are still moving in the wrong direction.

“Republican support in the suburbs has basically collapsed under Trump,” Republican strategist Alex Conant said. “Somehow, we need to find a way to regain our suburban support over the next year.”

Find out more about Trump’s suburban problem from the Associated Press here

Don Jr. Outs the Whistleblower

(AFP) – President Donald Trump’s son published on Wednesday the name of the alleged anonymous whistleblower whose complaint fired the impeachment inquiry against Trump, breaking strict conventions for protecting officials who reveal wrongdoing in government.

Amid calls by the president himself to expose the whistleblower, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the name of a CIA analyst which has circulated online for weeks, and linked to a Breitbart news article implying the person was pro-Democrat and anti-Trump.

To find out more about the Donald Trump Jr.’s revelation here

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