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January 1, Bipartisan Deal Effectively Dead, Republicans Accuse Biden of Being ‘Disingenuous’



Hello Middle America,

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy poured cold water on the $579 billion bipartisan infrastructure deal that was reached by the White House and senators of both parties on Thursday. “I think my members think they needed the chiropractor because they got whiplash after watching the president yesterday say there was a deal, then say there was no deal,” McCarthy said. “I don’t think that’s going to work, I don’t think that’s going to pass, and I think they killed any opportunity. I think it’s disingenuous in every shape or form.”

ESPN broadcaster Jalen Rose was subjected to wide scrutiny following comments he made about the racial makeup of the US Olympic basketball team, saying that Kevin Love was only on the team “because of tokenism.” “Don’t be scared to make an all-Black team representing the United States of America. I’m disappointed by that. Anybody that watched the league this year knows Kevin Love did not have a stellar season, was not the best player on his team and did not necessarily deserve to be on this squad.”

Podcast heavyweight Joe Rogan had some curt criticisms about President Joe Biden on a recent episode of his show. “Well, we’re unhinged, in a lot of ways, and we’re not anchored down by a real leader. You know, we don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore,” Rogan said. “You can say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper but, I mean, everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s just barely hanging in there.”

Notorious musician Marilyn Manson will turn himself into police to face assault charges, authorities say. Manson, real name Brian Hugh Warner, faces two misdemeanor counts for allegedly assaulting a videographer in 2019. The 52-year-old has been the subject of controversy as of late, and is also facing a lawsuit from his former assistant alleging sexual assault, battery, and harassment.

An 8-1 vote by the Supreme Court determined that while school administrators do have the power to punish student speech that occurs online or off campus if it genuinely disrupts classroom study, a few obscenities posted online off school grounds do not qualify as disruptive. Former cheerleader Brandi Levy was suspended from her team in 2017 after posting a photo of herself with a message that read “F* the school. … F* cheer, F*** everything.” Her parents went to court, arguing that the school had no right to punish Levy for off-campus speech, and the high court agreed.

The long-awaited government report on UFO findings was largely inconclusive. The report described the strange objects seen by military personnel as possible threat to national security, but that there is no “single explanation” for their appearance. “For years, the men and women we trust to defend our country reported encounters with unidentified aircraft that had superior capabilities, and for years their concerns were often ignored and ridiculed,” said Senator Marco Rubio. “The Defense Department and Intelligence Community have a lot of work to do before we can actually understand whether these aerial threats present a serious national security concern.”

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