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January 1, WATCH: Bill Gates appears rattled by questions about his association with Jeffrey Epstein



Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates appeared visibly rattled during a recent PBS Newshour interview when the line of questioning turned to his association with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

PBS’ Judy Woodruff asked Gates about the numerous meetings with Epstein, who he’d met after he pled guilty to soliciting prostitution from minors in 2008. The software magnate squirmed and fidgeted while answering the question.

“You know, I had dinners with him,” Gates said of the friendship that reportedly contributed to his divorce. “I regret doing that.”

Gates added that he met with Epstein under the guise of philanthropic work and attempted to end the subject by saying, “You know, that goes back a long time ago now, so there’s nothing new on that.”

However, Woodruff presses him, saying that Gates “continued to meet with him over several years.”

An exasperated Gates restated his regret and tried to end the subject. Again, Woodruff continued, asking Gates if there was “a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this?”

“Well, he’s dead, so,” Gates said with a nervous laugh and a shrug. “You know, in general, you always have to be careful and … you know, I’m very proud of what we’ve done in philanthropy, very proud of the work of the foundation.”


Bill Gates squirms, fiddles with ring finger when asked about ties to Jeffrey Epstein

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