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January 1, Biden’s Philadelphia Rally Fizzles: Is Pennsylvania Slipping Away?



Pennsylvania’s importance as a swing state for President Joe Biden was highlighted by the low turnout at his recent Philadelphia rally. Photos taken by a New York Post reporter showed a half-empty school gym, with vast spaces of emptiness at the event.

The reporter noted, “A good amount of space is empty and spacious press workspace takes up the rest.” This lack of attendance raises concerns, as Pennsylvania is a key state for Biden to secure in order to defeat former President Trump.

Recent polls indicate a shift in the once-reliable Pennsylvania stronghold for Biden, now transforming into a state in play. A poll conducted earlier this month shows a significant drop in Biden’s support among young voters, from 62 percent to 47 percent since 2020. His support from Black and Hispanic voters has also decreased from 71 percent to 57 percent.

In the same poll, Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.), who is running for reelection against Republican Dave McCormick, outperforms Biden by up to 10 points. Former Representative Jason Altmire (D-PA) expressed surprise at these poll results, stating, “I’m surprised that things aren’t going so well.”

Altmire explained that Biden should have a strong connection with Pennsylvania, given his personal ties to the state, years of work, and the state’s trend toward becoming more blue. He added, “I think he’s doing everything he can do. They’ve pulled out all the stops.”

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