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Biden’s DEI Agenda: A Trojan Horse in the Heart of Federal Agencies



Well, well, well. Joe Biden and his administration are at it again. They’re pushing their diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda onto every facet of government business. The private sector seems to be moving in the opposite direction, laying off DEI-focused employees, but the government is ramping up their efforts to promote this agenda. And why? Because of Executive Order 14091, which was released in February. This order commands all major federal agencies to create new, permanent units tasked with ensuring “equitable outcomes” regarding race, gender, gender identity, and even “environmental justice” in all aspects of government business.

Let’s be clear, this is not about equal opportunity. It’s about discriminating against certain groups in favor of others. Instead of a merit-based system, we’re now moving towards a system that seeks to benefit certain groups by discriminating against others. This is unjust, inefficient, and underperforming. The new equity teams are a Trojan horse, planted in the heart of every federal agency to quietly destroy them from the inside, transforming them into ideologically aligned instruments of the Left. D.E.I. goes against everything Dr. Martin Luther King said in his famous speech. Instead of judging someone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin this D.E.I. nonsense is purposefully judging based on race and gender identity. D.E.I. is ironically a racist and sexist agenda.

What’s worse about this whole thing? It is that these equity teams will remain in place even if a new administration arrives, anxious to remove “wokeism” from government business. They’ll be entrenched in the bureaucracy, thwarting and undermining such efforts. It’s a sad state of affairs when politics takes precedence over competency and meritocracy.

Now, I know some people will argue that this is necessary to correct past injustices and provide opportunities for historically marginalized groups. But the reality is that these efforts will do more harm than good. They’ll only create resentment and division, rather than unity and progress.

The Foundation for Government Accountability has launched an investigation, filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests targeting the 23 agencies addressed in the order. We plan to share the information we gather with Congress, the states, and the public to help stop it. Armed with the information we uncover, strong leaders in Congress will be able to exercise their funding and oversight power to put a stop to Biden’s plan.

If we want to survive as a country we need to return to a merit-based system. We need to focus on competency and expertise, not on identity politics. Our government agencies should be staffed with the best and brightest, not with those who check the right diversity boxes. Let’s put an end to this madness and restore equal opportunity for all.


source: Washington Examiner