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January 1, Biden’s approval rating hits new low



A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows that a majority of voters disapprove of President Biden’s performance.

Only 38 percent of respondents said they approved of Biden’s job performance, while 53 percent said they disapproved.

The drop appears to stem from Biden’s loss of support among independents, with 60 percent saying they disapprove of his performance. In September, a Quinnipiac poll found 52 percent disapproval among independents.

Biden’s approval numbers are sinking, according to other recent polls as well.

A Gallup poll from last week showed a 37 percent approval rating among independents — a steep drop from 61 percent approval at the beginning of Biden’s term.

Similarly, the Associated Press released a poll last Friday showing a drop to 38 percent approval among independents, down from 62 percent in July.


Biden approval rating falls to low of 38 percent: Quinnipiac poll

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