October 29, 2021

Biden touts Build Back Better ‘framework’ deal that’s not yet complete

President Joe Biden declared that he and Congressional Democrats reached a “historic” breakthrough on a framework for his signature Build Back Better agenda — even though the legislation has yet to be written and faces an uncertain future on Capitol Hill.

“After months of tough and thoughtful negotiations, I think we have [a] historic — I know we have a historic economic framework,” Biden said from the White House on Thursday. “Any single element of this framework would fundamentally be viewed as a fundamental change in America. Taken together, they’re truly consequential.”

Though the President presented the framework as a done deal, numerous hurdles and internal disagreements remain for Democratic lawmakers.

Biden reportedly pressed Congressional Democrats for progress on the trillion-dollar agenda before his trip to Europe, which he departed for soon after his speech concluded.

“No one got everything they wanted, including me, but that’s what compromise is,” Biden said. “I know it’s hard. I know how deeply people feel about the things that they fight for. But this framework includes historic investments in our nation and in our people.”


Biden touts ‘framework’ deal that’s not yet done

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  1. William Zawieruszynski says:

    We don’t need what your trying to ram through our country right now or in our future.What we need is for you to do your job of defending our constitution and our way of life.

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