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January 1, Biden to launch commission to study expansion of Supreme Court



Happy Sunday, America!

President Joe Biden has launched a commission that would assess the possibility of expanding the members of the Supreme Court. This likely is the Democrats’ way of getting even to Republicans who forced to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett after the passing of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

According to reports, around 40 percent of US Marines have rejected getting the COVID-19 vaccine. As of now, making the shots compulsory cannot be done since the vaccines were only an emergency use with authorization provided by the US-FDA.

Despite having been barred from social media presence, former President Donald Trump still has the ability to create buzz. Arguably, he remains to be the GOP’s most powerful figure. He won’t easily be shaken down, will he?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed over 85,000 army robots in preparation for war engagement with Ukraine. Kremlin is already flexing its muscles as Russian troops are signaling they are ready to fight. Can’t it be resolved in a diplomatic way?

Apparently, introverts are afraid to go back to the pre-pandemic times, the old normal. It looks like they would miss the quiet moments brought about by the lockdown and other restrictions, while the whole world awaits getting past the new normal.

Meghan Markle won’t be attending the funeral of Prince Philip. The pregnant actress was advised by her doctor not to travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Prince Harry will still come to pay tribute to his grandfather.

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