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January 1, Biden Takes Lead in GA, Wins MI, WI Inches Closer to 270



This Day in History | 1860

Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th president of the United States over a deeply divided Democratic Party, becoming the first Republican to win the presidency.

Good morning Middle Americans, 

When you are counting on lawyers to flip your election, well you’re not in the position you want to be in. And that’s where President Trump finds himself today. While you were sleeping, former Vice President Joe Biden jumped out ahead of the president in Georgia. Biden also put Wisconsin and Michigan in the win column yesterday. The President is counting on North Carolina and Pennsylvania going his way, but Biden is closer to 270. Now just four electoral college votes away from victory. There are plenty of legal options for the president, but again, winning an election in court, is a lot different than winning it outright. The president continues to attack the integrity of the election process, but that’s not a great look. Republicans are left to wonder what might have been. 

Read all about it. 

-Fraser Dixon 

Biden Projected to Win Wisconsin and Michigan

(CBS News) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden took a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in the battleground state of Georgia for the first time early on Friday, putting the White House within his reach as it and other undecided states continue to count ballots.

Biden Overtakes Trump in GA

(Fox News) – Democratic nominee Joe Biden pulled ahead of President Trump early Friday in the race for Georgia’s 16 electoral votes. The latest figures in Georgia, as of 4:45 a.m. ET, showed Biden leading with 2,449,371 votes, or 49.39% of the ballots cast, and Trump with 2,448,454 votes, or 49.37% of ballots cast.

The U.S. Supreme Court Should Act On Pennsylvania’s Vote Count

(The Federalist) – The United States Constitution could not be clearer that state legislatures, not courts, make the laws that regulate how elections are held in each state. That’s not happening right now in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, one of a handful of states that elect state Supreme Court justices in partisan elections.Earlier this year in Pennsylvania, the Democrat-dominated state Supreme Court ruled that ballots could be counted up to three days after Election Day, even if it could not be shown that they had arrived by November 3, as required by state law.

Trump Attacks Election Integrity

(AP) – President Donald Trump is testing how far he can go in using the trappings of presidential power to undermine confidence in this week’s election against Joe Biden, as the Democrat gained ground in tight contests in some key battleground states. 

With his pathway to re-election appearing to shrink, Trump on Thursday advanced unsupported accusations of voter fraud to falsely argue that his rival was trying to seize power. It amounted to an extraordinary effort by a sitting American president to sow doubt about the democratic process.

MSNBC Bails Out of ‘Dangerous’ Trump Speech After 30 Seconds

(Daily Beast) – While CNN and Fox News both carried President Donald Trump’s 16-minute speech in its entirety Thursday evening—his first since prematurely and falsely declaring victory on Election Night—MSNBC pulled the plug after just 30 seconds.

Trump was ranting about “illegal votes” when anchor Brian Williams broke in to say, “Here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the United States but correcting the president of the United States.” He added, “There are no illegal votes that we know of. There has no been no Trump victory that we know of.”

Later, Williams explained to viewers that MSNBC’s decision not to carry the president’s remarks “was not done as a stunt or out of theatrics, we just can’t have it,“ adding, “It was not rooted in reality. And at this point where our country is, it’s dangerous.”

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