July 9, 2022

WATCH: Biden Struggles with Teleprompter in Latest Gaffe

1868: Louisiana and South Carolina are the last states to ratify the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, guaranteeing civil rights.

President Joe Biden had apparent struggles with a teleprompter while delivering remarks from the White House on Friday.

Biden, 79, appeared to read stage directions off of the teleprompter during the televised speech.

“It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so — end of quote. Repeat the line,” Biden said.

“Women are not without electoral and, or political — let me be precise — not and, or — or political power.”

Critics quickly mocked Biden’s latest gaffe, including SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk.

Musk posted a meme from the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy wherein the title character mistakenly reads a question mark from a teleprompter.

“Whoever controls the teleprompter is the real president!” Musk tweeted.

Biden also appeared to struggle with other parts of the remarks, saying “straits” instead of “states” and saying “presidency” instead of “pregnancy.”

Biden’s remarks came after he signed an executive order aimed at protecting access to abortion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

7 comments on WATCH: Biden Struggles with Teleprompter in Latest Gaffe

  1. moosegringo says:

    Harris – another worthless POS.

  2. joe says:

    Vote for what? The Supreme Court (law of the land) made the decision.

  3. MikeL says:

    Did you really vote for senile puppet Biden and incompetent Harris because you were tricked into rejecting engaged and effective Trump? Vote Republican in 2022 and 2024.

  4. Jim Harpold says:

    Talk about a Dictator. I he doesn’t agree he just signs an EO. Why even have a congress.

  5. Von Potter says:

    JB & KH are just a couple of inefficient DEMS/RINOS that know nothing about the United States or the Constitution…..JB has empty space between his ears just like KH & AOC, and is actually wanting to destroy the States which he learned from his previous employer……..

  6. Barto says:

    Wow, I know some grammar school kids that can read off prepared notes (Teleprompter) better than this Dunce AND could more than likely LEAD THIS COUNTRY better!!!!

  7. Jimmy F says:

    Are people blind, tone deaf, or just plain belligerent to not see that it’s not good when the leader of the free world is a gaffe machine despite having the words on a teleprompter? For goodness sake, admit it and start finding out who are the puppet masters and arrest them for senior citizen abuse as well as all the other woes that have crippled the nation. Some elites with limitless amounts of money are clearly manipulating the world’s rulers and economies. It has taken them 60 years to get a hold of our government and out education systems. We cannot continue to allow this without a no-hold-barred, guns-a-blazing revolution just like the very first one against the British. The Media is certainly to blame and is pushing for such a revolution. What they don’t know is THEY will be the first to have to escape town for lying to the people and not protecting us from Big Gov’t, Big Tech and woke ideology.

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