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January 1, Biden Says He’ll Beat Trump Like A Drum | Barkley Slams Dems | Get Ready For A Wild October



Today in History | 1862

President Abraham Lincoln issues a proclamation calling for all slaves within the rebel states to be freed on January 1, a political move that helps keep the British from intervening on the side of the South.

Good morning Middle America and Happy Sunday!

Have you started to hear that drumming? Don’t worry, you’re not hearing things, it’s probably just Biden beating Trump like a drum. As he continues to accuse Trump of abusing his power to smear him.

Basketball legend Charles Barkley slams the democratic party for ignoring black voters. He says the party only talks to black voters every four years during the elections.

In financial news, Goldman Sachs says to get ready for a Wild October. They are predicting some large swings based on historical performance.

And one more thing…

Are you ready for some football? I sure am. Talk to you tomorrow.

Fraser Dixon

Biden accuses Trump of abusing power to smear him

(Chron) Joe Biden hit back Saturday after being swept up in President Donald Trump’s latest national controversy, providing an early look at how he’ll respond to Trump’s attacks.

Read his full response

Charles Barkley slams Democrats for ignoring black voters

(FOX News) Basketball great says party only talks to black people every four years; reaction on ‘The Five.’

Click Here to Watch the video from ‘The Five’

Goldman Sachs says the market is about to get wild in October

For investors taking a breather from the chaos in August, buckle up as the market is about to go crazy again, Goldman Sachs warned.

Wall Street is now inches away from reclaiming its record highs, but a rockier ride could be around the corner as stock volatility has been 25% higher in October on average since 1928, according to Goldman. Big price swings have been seen in each major stock benchmark and sector in October over the past 30 years, with technology and health care being the most volatile groups, Goldman said.

Get the full scoop on what Goldman is predicting

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