May 30, 2022

Biden Repeats Familiar False Claim

    President Joe Biden has again inflated the number of times he’s traveled to the Middle East.

    “I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan of over 40, I think 38 times,” Biden said during a U.S. Naval Academy commencement speech.

    A spokesperson for the Biden administration’s National Security Council (NSC) said the president has actually visited Iraq and Afghanistan 21 times.

    It was not the first time Biden made a false claim about how often he’s visited the Middle East.

    During his presidential campaign, Biden said he’d been to Iraq and Afghanistan “over 30 times,” according to the Washington Post

    WaPo also reported that Biden told at least one “moving but false” war story while on the campaign trail, wherein he conflated several events together to create a narrative that “never happened.” 


    Biden repeats false claim about trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, this time to graduating midshipmen

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Whenever Creepy Joe speaks there’s 97% chance he is lying.

gerald damian

and 3% more that he forgot,,,,


Only if his lips are moving.

Linda Jackson

And the lame stream media never calls him out on his lying.

Sick and Tierd of listening to empty headed MORONS

Clean up your own back yard first there 2warvet, your blonde headed fat big who knew he was a shity president every time he opens his mouth it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s lying 100% of the time, and he’s 100% still trying to get everyone to forget the insurrection never happened (GERALDINE), the Washington Post stated he in flatted the figures, like when main stream media calls out FATSO, TWICE IMPEACHED, on many things and he lies and says ” I never did that” (RIGHT LINDA)? Remember everyone lies politicians are just better at it, and in more ways than you can shake a stick at (THE REPUBLICANS DO IT THE BEST) ask your blond headed fat so called leader.

Woodrow Short

President Biden is not the real president. George Soros and Obama are. He is just a puppet. His family is corrupt as the day is long. The whole Biden family should all be sent to Levenworth Federal prison.

David in MA

Poor old B A S T A R D, suffering from incurable CRS!

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