July 2, 2022

Biden Mixes Up Countries in Latest Gaffe [Video]

President Joe Biden declared that he had spoken to the leader of Switzerland to discuss joining NATO — before hastily correcting himself to say he had meant Sweden.

“Some of the American press will remember when I got a phone call from the leader of Finland saying could he come and see me,” Biden said during a press conference.

“Then he came the next day and said, ‘Will you support my joining — my country joining NATO?’ We got the telephone. He suggested we call the leader of Switzerland — Switzerland, my goodness, I’m getting really anxious here about expanding NATO — of Sweden.”

Biden’s latest gaffe came during a press conference in Madrid, Spain, following a two-day North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit at which Finland and Sweden were officially invited to join the military alliance.

3 comments on Biden Mixes Up Countries in Latest Gaffe [Video]

  1. Walter H. Euler, Sr. says:

    Biden’s brain is really sick. He needs to be in an Institution for observation and daily help.

  2. Pia says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t confused USA with USSR…yet. After all, he is doing his best to turn our country into a communist hell-hole.

  3. Mike L says:

    Did you really vote for senile Biden and incompetent Kamala because you were tricked into rejecting Trump? Vote Republican in 2022 and 2024.

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