April 2, 2022

Biden Makes ‘Frightening’ Immigration Decision

1917: US President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany.

President Joe Biden has decided to repeal the COVID-era order known as Title 42, a move which Sen. Joe Manchin (D- W.VA.) described as “a frightening decision” that would likely lead to an uptick of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implemented Title 42 at the beginning of the pandemic, under former President Donald Trump. The public health policy allows for the quick expulsion of unauthorized migrants at the border.

“Today’s announcement by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and the Biden Administration is a frightening decision,” Manchin said.

“Title 42 has been an essential tool in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and controlling the influx of migrants at our southern border. We are already facing an unprecedented increase in migrants this year, and that will only get worse if the Administration ends the Title 42 policy.”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced a record 1.7 million migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021 — four times higher than 2020. Officials believe that record-breaking figure will be topped this year, as Border Patrol had 838,000 migrant encounters between January and March.

“We are nowhere near prepared to deal with that influx. Until we have comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform that commits to securing our borders and providing a pathway to citizenship for qualified immigrants, Title 42 must stay in place,” Manchin said.

Arizona Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D) and Mark Kelly (D) also spoke out against the decision.

“Prematurely ending Title 42 without a comprehensive, workable plan would put at risk the health and safety of Arizona communities and migrants. Today’s decision to announce an end to Title 42 despite not yet having a comprehensive plan ready shows a lack of understanding about the crisis at our border,” Synema said in a statement.

Kelly said repealing Title 42 was “the wrong decision. It’s unacceptable to end Title 42 without a plan and coordination in place to ensure a secure, orderly, and humane process at the border.”

“From my numerous visits to the southern border and conversations with Arizona’s law enforcement, community leaders, mayors, and non-profits, it’s clear that this administration’s lack of a plan to deal with this crisis will further strain our border communities.”


Manchin: Biden’s repeal of Title 42 order ‘a frightening decision’

11 comments on Biden Makes ‘Frightening’ Immigration Decision

  1. Ger says:

    I don’t believe Biden can do what he wants to ruin the country and the rest of world. Dictator.

    1. Suan says:

      How soon you forget the previous president’s whims that we are still living with. Recall: “Covid is a Democratic Hoax” so why did it kill so many people in other countries as well as the USA? Recall about Covid: “It will disappear by Easter (2020) like a miracle” based on what evidence? None.

  2. Christina Howell says:

    Biden & the Democrats NEED NEW VOTERS since the ones they had have gotten SMART to all the LIES the Democrats have been pushing. Like the 1619 Project & other ANTI-AMERICA Issues & ILLEGALS are that NEW Group of GOVERNMENT DEPENDENT VOTERS they are banking on keeping them in power. Plus DESTROYING America & turning this Country into a Communist Marxist Socialist SHITHOLE Country

  3. Cris W says:

    This guy only knows how to use a pen and destroy America and the American values. Disaster from day one, and if left to keep going, by 2024 we will no longer know the America that we once enjoyed and loved, it will be a 3rd World Country unrecognized. Sad very SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Truth Vaccine says:

    I’m looking forward to Putin draining the Western Politics swamp from The Ukraine and hanging them out to dry.

    1. Thomas Voute says:

      sick, sick,sick…

    2. Fernandina Ivanyo says:

      That men will destroy America the beautiful ….. pls somebody stop ???? him.

  5. gunnygil says:

    According to numerus online news reports on 1 April 2022 Biden administration is planning or at least thinking abut taking VA doctors and nurses to the border away from their duties at the VA hospitals and clinics to take care of medical problems of illegal invader aliens. Found at least 9 sources stating the same thing. This old Viet vet considers this an act of treason by the Biden administration

  6. Joyce Rood says:

    I don’t think we can add all these people to the immigration system. We haven’t even taken care of the Afghans. And he is also allowing 100,000 Ukrainians to come here. What is wrong with his thinkingk ???? We do need immigrants because we have so many unfilled jobs, but it needs to be controlled. I am a Dem but I am against this and this will hurt our chances in the mid=term elections. We don’t have the means, money, etc to handle all this. He is spending money like it grows on trees. What are the other Nato countries contributing to the cost of Ukraine?

  7. Fernandina Ivanyo says:

    I’m an immigrant since 1975…. Came on a visa and and it took 4 attempts before I was granted it. My older siblings had already come on a contract with a company.
    My brother had become an American citizen and sponsored me to get my green card (legal status) until then I lived with him and he kept asking for 3 more months and fortunately I was always granted it. Then all is a sudden I was legal. Best day of my life.
    While waiting for green card, I got into ESL (English as a second language) and helped brother and sister with their kids. Within 2 years was able to get my GED diploma and took a course as a bi-lingual secretary. I felt like I was on top of the world!!!! All this, however was a very long process one step a a time and that’s how we assimilate. I love America like I love Portugal, I’m very passionate and truly care for our beautiful country and the best for our people.

  8. Fernandina Ivanyo says:

    But……. How these people come over by the truck loads and without permission to entre, how disrespectful!!! Some with 2 or 3 kids to further clog the system, no time to assimilate most never care and always need interpreters. How stupid is Biden? Is he taking them to his house? The way i look at it is they are allowed to invade this country but the ones that allow it then take care of them with our money. Would you allow a group of folks invading your home? This is our home not Biden’s home but he forgets that.

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