December 3, 2021

Biden Jokes That Fauci Is the President [Video]

President Joe Biden joked during a press conference that Dr. Anthony Fauci is so involved in White House dealings that it sometimes feels like the disease expert is the president.

Biden was addressing his administration’s latest response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He opened by applauding Fauci, saying he sees him more than his wife, and Biden joked that Fauci is the commander-in-chief.

“I’ve seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife, we kid each other,” Biden said. “Look, who’s president? Fauci!”


Biden jokes that Fauci is president, says he sees Fauci more than first lady

12 comments on Biden Jokes That Fauci Is the President [Video]

  1. Bill says:

    Fauci is a little man with a Napoleon complex that is enjoying his power of controlling our lives including Biden. The entire country is at the mercy of a man with dementia and a mad scientist!

    1. DB says:

      Couldn’t agree more

  2. Leanna says:

    Many a true word spoken in jest.

  3. George vazquez says:

    So full of shit!

  4. Gary says:

    It’s obvious that the cabbage in the Oval Office doesn’t think he is!

    1. Gary says:

      He isnt I dont know who is bit its not Brandon

  5. Grouchyme says:

    Funny…. I don’t see any masks in that room!!!

    1. Ronda says:

      I noticed That Same Thing!! “Do as I say, Not as I do” I bet Cabbage Head about sh*t a pink twinkie when the SCOTUS shut down his tyrannical Mask Mandate. It is about time someone with a brain cell stood up for ‘We The People’

    2. Kay L Petrie says:

      Agree! Don’t they get the irony of standing in each others face discussing COVID without masks?

    3. kjj5874 says:

      Dont you know that when they do wear a mask its for the public dog and pony show. I hope that the people in this country eventually figures out that all these Covid mandates by Facui and the democrats are being put out there for one thing to control the masses and they need to ask themselves are we being taken on a control ride by the democrats using Covid as the vehicle. Right now were acting like a bunch of sheep .

  6. Maggietish says:

    Joe Biden and Fauci are kindred Spirits they are both elitist idiots who have “Napoleon complexes” regardless of how detrimental it is to the US and the American people. It’s a sure bet the Biden isn’t running the country he’s just simply the puppet of the socialist/communist Dems who are out to destroy the US and take away all the rights of the American people. Fauci continues to prove time and time again that he can’t be trusted. He’s having a total love affair with himself and what he considers to be his own “celebrity.” He used taxpayer’s money funded to his organization to aid the Chinese government in developing COVID-19 and now he’s in complete protective mode for the Chinese. Fauci should be on the direct payroll of CNN because he’s on their network several times daily. Biden Is also a big defender of the Chinese government and blocks any type of investigation because he’s got millions of dollars of Chinese government’s money in his pockets along with his son and brother when he was VP and sold the country out. The Chinese government literally owns Joe Biden.

  7. kjj5874 says:

    You know we truly don’t have a clue who is running this country, it sure isnt Brandon all he does is take orders from Facui ,obama , Pelosi, and Schumer and signs his name to what ever his handlers tell him to sign make it official. Brandon is nothing but a puppet that the left bring out to sign what ever is put in front of him.

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