September 3, 2022

Biden Heckled During Primetime Speech [Video]

1783: The Treaty of Paris signed in Paris ends the American Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the United States of America.

President Joe Biden’s primetime speech in Pennsylvania was interrupted by hecklers repeatedly chanting “f—k Joe Biden” and “let’s go, Brandon.”

Biden’s 24-minute speech, which he called “The Soul of the Union,” centered around the condemnation of former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans.

The New York Post pointed out that the “f—k Joe Biden” chant was audible “to anyone listening on the official White House video feed.”

Biden addressed the protestors, saying: “They’re entitled to be outrageous. This is a democracy. Good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from.”

Earlier in his speech, Biden went off-script to address the chanters.

“Americans have often made the greatest progress coming out of some of our darkest moments, like you’re hearing in that bullhorn,” he said.

Biden faced criticism over his dramatic choice of backdrop, which Fox News host Tucker Carlson described as a “blood-red Nazi background.”

Sources: New York Post | Newsweek | Business Insider

10 comments on Biden Heckled During Primetime Speech [Video]

  1. Gerald Ladd says:

    The only threat to democracy is the demonRAT party.

  2. Official start by CHEATER Joe Biden of the “new American Communist Dictatorship and all of us their unwilling American Communist SLAVES”!!!! Start addressing them all as “COMRADE”!!!! Who is the real “traitors and a threat to our American Democracy”?????? GUESS?????????????????????????

  3. Ima Enyurphase says:

    Clenched fist’s, where have we seen that before ? Hitler and Mussolini ,now biden. Wake up America, had enough yet ?

  4. joe harmon says:

    20 milliom votes after the poles close . sworn test by UPS drivers . drove them from N.Y. Fag Gov. wolf OK,ed it.

  5. James Follin says:

    Hand joe a pitchfork and add a couple of horns.

    1. kristi says:

      This guy is a total idiot. Only he believes his own lies, annd some of the most idiotic people in our country OMG we are doomed if all of this continues. He is twisting truth. And these idiots can’t see it.

  6. Tom Gorman says:

    We are a Republic not a Democracy maybe he should read the Constitution ( Jill is a teacher maybe she can help him.) He is not of the people.

    1. Charles says:

      Brandon is either incapable of understanding the facts and should be able to enjoy the remainder of his life with coloring books and his Super Mario games or given his track record totally agrees with hs old boss obama when he stated that the Constitution got in his way often.

  7. Carol Stevens says:

    nine minutes of this bs was all I could handle…….what a hypocrite

  8. Papa Bear says:

    Just keep talking there “Big Guy”. Every time you run off at the mouth, like on Thursday, the Red Wave gets larger and stronger. Keep up the good work. Let’s Go Brandon!!

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