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January 1, Biden Family’s Scandals: Whistleblowers, Evidence, and the Silence of the FBI



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Five whistleblowers have alleged misconduct and cover-ups in the Biden family’s business dealings.

-The whistleblowers’ roles range from an IRS agent to an Obama administration stenographer.

-Senator Chuck Grassley alleges that the FBI has evidence implicating Joe Biden in family business schemes.

-Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, has turned over information to Senate investigators.

-Former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick alleges the FBI ignored Joe Biden’s role in Ukraine business dealings.

-An IRS whistleblower alleges Biden administration interference in Hunter Biden’s tax fraud probe.

-Allegations of bribery against Joe Biden were reportedly flagged to the DOJ in 2018 but ignored.

In the land of the free, where the rule of law is supposed to reign supreme, we find ourselves in a predicament that shakes the very foundation of this principle. Five whistleblowers, each with distinct backgrounds, have stepped into the light to reveal allegations of misconduct within the Biden family. Are we truly surprised?

We have IRS agents, Obama administration stenographers, and others who have chosen to be the voice of truth against the powerful. They’re all pointing their fingers towards the same direction: The Bidens, their business schemes, and a silence that resonates from the FBI, leaving us with questions and a bitter taste of injustice.

Senator Chuck Grassley, known for his integrity and tenacity, paints a troubling picture. According to him, the FBI possesses “voluminous evidence” of potential criminal conduct by the Biden family. If this is true, then why the silence? Why the inaction? Are we to believe that this evidence simply evaporated into thin air or is there a conscious effort to keep it under wraps?

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, adds to the growing body of evidence. He tells us about a meeting with Joe and Hunter Biden where they discussed their business plans with China. Bobulinski’s claims are backed up by substantial evidence, including emails, agreements, and documents. But again, why the silence?

Mike McCormick, a former Obama White House stenographer, also alleges that the FBI has ignored Joe Biden’s role in the family’s foreign influence-peddling “conspiracy” in Ukraine. This adds to the alleged corruption, stretching from Mexico to Ukraine, from the DOJ to the FBI.

An IRS whistleblower goes even further, alleging interference by the Biden administration in Hunter Biden’s tax fraud probe. If this allegation holds water, we have a situation where the rule of law is being blatantly disregarded, where justice is being manipulated for personal gain.

And let’s not forget about the ignored bribery allegations against Joe Biden from 2018. These allegations were reportedly presented to the DOJ by a whistleblower, yet they were dismissed without a second thought.

We, as Americans, deserve transparency and accountability from our leaders. We need to know the truth about these allegations. The days of the Biden family’s alleged misconduct and the corresponding cover-ups need to be behind us. The FBI, the DOJ, and all other involved parties should bring the truth to light. This is not about politics; this is about the very fabric of our nation’s integrity.

The question remains – in this digital age of ours, will we continue to see our institutions ignore these disturbing allegations or will we finally see justice served? We wait with bated breath, hoping for the latter.


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