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January 1, Biden faces bipartisan pressure to boycott Beijing 2022 Olympics



President Joe Biden is facing bipartisan pressure for a diplomatic boycott of China by forgoing the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Some senators aim to force a diplomatic boycott to call attention to China’s human rights track record, including what the Biden administration described as genocide of religious minorities in Xinjiang. However, House and Senate leaders are less sure of that plan.

“As a general rule, I don’t think boycotting the Olympics is a good approach,” said House Armed Services Chair Adam Smith (D-WA).

“I’m certainly open to a diplomatic boycott. I’m not sure how impactful that would be. They don’t really want our diplomats, they want our athletes,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CN) said.

“I don’t think we’ll get it done,” said Senate Foreign Relations Chair Bob Menendez, who supports a diplomatic boycott.


Lawmakers pressure Biden to bar U.S. officials from attending Beijing Olympics

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