November 24, 2021

Biden Criticized for ‘Egregious’ Thanksgiving Plans

President Joe Biden is facing criticism for his Thanksgiving plans — spending the holiday at the home of David Rubenstein, the billionaire co-founder of the Carlyle Group, a global investment firm.

“The First Family will stay at the home of their friend, David Rubenstein, as they have done previously,” the White House confirmed.

However, critics say that the move will make Biden seem out of touch to voters, especially since most of the public is unaware of the first family’s holiday history.

Craig Shirley, presidential historian and Republican strategist, says Biden’s Thanksgiving plans exemplify a “Marie Antoinette attitude” as many Americans continue to struggle financially amid pandemic woes and rising inflation.

“Reagan was always disparaged for spending Thanksgiving at the ranch in California, but Biden’s tone-deafness is alarming,” Shirley said. “Yes, presidents have often been criticized for where they spent Thanksgiving, but Biden’s choice is especially egregious.”

“Going to Nantucket is ill-advised for presidents at 36% approval and falling,” he added.

However, some experts believe there won’t be too much political pushback over Biden’s holiday locale.

“Let’s face it: Presidents don’t stay at Motel 6,” presidential historian David Pietrusza said. “Even when Franklin Roosevelt followed up his 1932 election in the heart of the Great Depression and went off sailing on his multi-millionaire buddy Vincent Astor’s immense yacht, the 264-foot Nourmahal, there was little significant downside.”

“True, the opposition may carp, but then the conversation returns to larger ongoing issues,” Pietrusza added.


Blue-collar Biden criticized for ‘tone-deaf’ Nantucket Thanksgiving visit

6 comments on Biden Criticized for ‘Egregious’ Thanksgiving Plans

  1. Charles Jacobson says:

    He could care less what Americans think..he is the King

  2. skip says:

    Biden doesn’t care where I spend my thanksgiving and I give no good god Dam. where he spends his. It’s his own business.

  3. Sea Bee says:

    Keep his traditions alive!! After all the HELL he has been through these last few months, he deserves a fling!!!

    1. Joe’s Not My President says:

      “After all the hell he’s been through.” What about all the hell he’s put Americans through wilt his failed policies? Inflation, immigration, energy, soft on Russia & China…… what has he done other than reck havoc on the lower and middle class? But then one would expect no less from a President who has been a career politician with nothing to show for it. On this Thanksgiving let’s all be thankful that his approval rating is at 36 and falling. Midterms will be our payback to Sleepy Joe.

  4. Dicky says:

    Who cares what this POS does!!

  5. Brandon the coward says:

    He is a coward.

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