January 26, 2022

Biden Calls Fox News Reporter ‘Stupid Son of a B*tch’ [Video]

1998: President Bill Clinton says, “I want to say one thing to the American people; I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

A live microphone caught President Joe Biden calling a Fox News reporter “a stupid son of a bitch” following an event at the White House.

The president’s remark came as reporters shouted questions while exiting the East Room following a White House Competition Council meeting on efforts to lower prices.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden: “Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?”

Thinking his microphone was turned off, Biden responded sarcastically: “No, that’s a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

After the exchange, Doocy appeared on the program Special Report, where host Bret Baier asked the reporter about the “colorful exchange” with the commander-in-chief.

“He didn’t want to take any questions off-topic. He was at an event about inflation. I asked about inflation. Now wait to see if the White House has to bleep that out on the transcript,” Doocy replied.

Doocy said that Biden called him later to apologize for the obscene remark.



Biden calls Fox News reporter Peter Doocy ‘a stupid son of a bitch’

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  1. Anna J Patti says:

    If anyone has a “stupid son of a bitch” it’s J/J that has one.

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