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Biden Annoyed with Macron Over China Meeting



French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent attempts to strike a peace deal in Ukraine with the help of Communist China has reportedly left the Biden administration “annoyed.”

Earlier this month, President Macron had tasked his top diplomats to work with Chinese counterparts on a potential resolution to the war in Ukraine, following his visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Macron’s attempts to go around Washington and curry favor with the Chinese leadership in Beijing have raised concerns among US officials.

The French leader signaled that the European Union should avoid following the US into a potential war with China if the People’s Liberation Army launches an invasion of the independent and democratic nation of Taiwan, which the CCP claims rights over despite having never governed the island.

Last week, President Joe Biden and Macron spoke over the phone to discuss the French leader’s trip to Guangdong and to try to assuage concerns in Washington of a cracking coalition against China.


However, the call reportedly did little to ease doubts within the Biden administration, with Bloomberg sources claiming that the White House is annoyed with Macron for freelancing sensitive diplomatic issues without consulting other allies, including Washington.

The Biden administration has so far shied away from the idea of negotiations in favor of attempting to best Russia on the battlefield through supplying state-of-the-art American weapons to the Ukrainians.

The White House sources cited by Bloomberg, speaking on condition of anonymity, went on to note that Macron has a history of failed attempts at negotiating peace between Kyiv and Moscow and that his new strategy of trying to engage Beijing is likely to fail as well given the growing closeness between leaders in the Kremlin and Zhongnanhai.

Source: Breitbart