May 15, 2022

Bette Midler Dragged for Insensitive Comment Amid Formula Shortage

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Bette Midler Dragged for Insensitive Comment Amid Formula Shortage

Actress Bette Midler drew backlash over a remark she made regarding the ongoing baby formula shortage.

Middler, 76, drew bipartisan criticism when she tweeted: “TRY BREASTFEEDING! It’s free and available on demand.”

“Imagine having a large gay fanbase, many of whom are raising kids in two-dad households, and thinking this is a good suggestion,” wrote Tim Carvell, executive producer for Last Week Tonight.

“No. Please- we all love you, but delete this now,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “There are [so] many reasons a woman cannot or chooses not to breastfeed. This sentiment is not helping the mothers trying to keep their babies from starving right now.”

But Middler doubled down on her sentiment in a follow-up tweet.

“People are piling on because of [my] former tweet. No shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can [and] are somehow convinced that your own milk isn’t as good as a ‘scientifically researched product,’ that’s something else again. The monopoly news is news to me, [though], no lie,” she wrote.


‘Try Breastfeeding! It’s Free’: Bette Midler Annihilated For Snarky Tweet Amid Baby Formula Shortage

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