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January 1, Bad Omen From Putin? Russia Dumps US Dollar



Greetings Americans,

Just two weeks ahead of Putin’s first summit meeting with President Joe Biden, Russia said it will eliminate the US dollar from its oil fund in order to reduce vulnerability to Western sanctions. Experts say Russia can make the change within a month, but it’s up to the central bank to determine whether to adjust the distribution of its overall reserve holdings.

In Silicon Valley news, a watchdog group has found that the Georgia elections may have been impacted by $45 million from Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account. The Foundation for Government Accountability alleges that the sizable donation from the Facebook founder heavily favored Democratic-leaning counties in Georgia.

Is there really a connection between sleeping and exercise? According to experts, yes. Certified strength and conditioning specialist Dana Santas said, “As someone starts adding exercise into their daily routine, they will begin to notice that sleep comes more easily.”

The existence of UFOs has been confirmed by the US military, but don’t grab your tinfoil hats just yet. Intelligence officials who analyzed the footage from Navy planes say that while the aerial phenomena display unusual flight capabilities, the only conclusion they can come to is that the crafts were not created by the US government or the Pentagon. A new report on UFOs is slated to be released this month.

Do you know where your donations are going? Former Minnesota professor Pamela Furgus raised money in the name of Philando Castile, who was shot and killed by a police officer in 2016, and donated less than half of the funds intended to feed hungry children. Authorities say that of the $200K Furgus raised for her “Philando Feeds the Children” campaign, a total of $120,738 remains unaccounted for.

And finally, are you looking for work? The labor department announced that the US added 559,000 jobs in the month of May. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the unemployment rate had fallen to 5.8%. While this is still higher than the pre-Covid rate in February 2020, it’s significantly better than the 14.8% figure in April of last year.

Be well,

Fraser Dixon


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