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January 1, Arrest Warrant Issued: Political Figure Due To Troubling Behavior Unravels Further



Arrest warrant issued for Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle, police confirmed on Tuesday.

Boyle faced a 2021 arrest and charges for harassment and violating a protection order filed by his estranged wife. He allegedly violated the order by texting her.

Since 2011, Boyle has been representing Pennsylvania’s 172 district, including parts of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia. He is currently campaigning for his eighth term.

In February, Boyle went viral for appearing intoxicated at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge. Footage allegedly showed him harassing and threatening staff.

He reportedly screamed at employees, asking if they “know who the fuck” he was. “I can fucking end this bar, by the way. I’ll fucking end this bar, by the way,” Boyle was heard saying. Police said he was asked to leave multiple times but was not charged.

In 2022, Boyle claimed treatment for mental health issues saved his life, according to CBS. It is unknown if he sought help after the alleged bar incident.

Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Matt Bradford expressed concerns about Boyle’s mental health in a statement. Boyle’s office has not responded to calls and emails seeking comment.

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