April 5, 2022

Armed 74-Year-Old Man Wounds Home Invader [Video]

A 74-year-old Ohio man survived a home invasion, telling police he shot a teenaged intruder at least three times last week.

The Akron man, identified only by his nickname “Lurch,” said the intruder breached his home at roughly 7:30 a.m. on March 29. Lurch said he opened fire when the invader crashed through his front glass door.

The wounded 16-year-old rolled down the steps to Lurch’s basement and allegedly grabbed a shovel.

“I shot him again,” Lurch said, adding that he then kept an eye on the intruder until police arrived. “As far as I know, I hit him three times.”

Police arrived at the home, finding a 16-year-old with several gunshot wounds. He was taken to Akron’s Children’s Hospital in stable condition.

“Most would agree that within reason, someone has a right to defend themselves, so in that someone broke into his house, in that he’s confronted with an unknown person with an unknown motive, all those things will be taken into consideration,” said Lt. Michael Miller, spokesperson for the Akron Police.


74-year-old Ohio man who sleeps near gun shoots teenage home intruder: ‘I shot him again’

3 comments on Armed 74-Year-Old Man Wounds Home Invader [Video]

  1. disgusted says:

    No sexual repeat offender should receive light-half sentences and no Judge should be rewarded for giving them.

  2. Grizz Mann says:

    C’mon man! The mostly pieceful youth was probably trying to deliver food to the old guy or warn him of a danfer in his home..

  3. gunnygil says:

    Old man (younger than me) made one mistake….He didn’t kill the little punk

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