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January 1, AOC explains why she cried on House floor



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wrote an open letter explaining why she wept during a House vote on a stand-alone provision to fund Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system this week.

At the last minute, Ocasio-Cortez changed her vote from ‘no’ to ‘present’ and cried on the House floor.

“Yes, I wept,” she wrote. “I wept at the complete lack of care for the human beings that are impacted by these decisions, I wept at an institution choosing a path of maximum volatility and minimum consideration for its own political convenience.”

However, some questioned the sincerity of Ocasio-Cortez’s emotion.

“Theatre and bad theatre at that,” Meghan McCain tweeted.

“Why is AOC crying because fewer rockets will fall on Israeli citizens and cities? The Iron Dome doesn’t have offensive capabilities. It’s a defensive weapon used to stop rockets launched by terrorists from killing innocent people. Why does that make her sad? Will anyone ask?” tweeted David Hookstead, editor of the Daily Caller.


‘Yes, I wept’: AOC explains why she cried over Iron Dome vote

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