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January 1, NYC Mayor Adams Reconsiders New York’s Sanctuary City Status



I reckon it’s time to discuss the latest development in New York City’s ongoing immigration crisis. The city’s “sanctuary city” status, once a point of pride for Mayor Eric Adams, now appears to be more of a liability.

As the city buckles under the weight of the humanitarian crisis, Adams is asking a judge to reconsider the sanctuary city laws that have welcomed tens of thousands of illegal migrants.

Adams’ change of heart is a stark departure from his earlier promise to maintain New York City as a “sanctuary city.” Now, faced with the reality of a “real burden on New Yorkers,” the mayor has suspended the right-to-shelter rules.

In a desperate attempt to cope with the situation, asylum seekers are temporarily housed in gyms as the city’s hotels are overrun by migrants.

But with over 130 emergency sites and eight humanitarian relief centers already opened, resources are stretched thin. The city has reached its limit, and it’s time to ask some hard questions about the future.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has reported that 61,000 illegal aliens have arrived in NYC due to the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies.

Approximately 40,000 of these migrants are on the taxpayer dole, receiving housing, food, and other benefits. This massive influx of illegal aliens has placed a tremendous strain on city resources, and existing housing for the homeless is at capacity.

Mayor Adams’ estimates show that the Biden administration’s immigration policies will cost New York City a staggering $4.3 billion in 2023 and 2024. These astronomical costs were not included in a recent FAIR study that found 1.8 million illegal aliens in New York, already costing taxpayers $9.9 billion.

While we should show compassion for those in need, we must also consider the burden placed on hardworking American taxpayers. The issue of immigration is complex, but the current approach in New York City is unsustainable. Also, let us not forget that they came here illegally. How can we overlook this important fact and still call ourselves a nation of laws?




  1. Teresa

    May 19, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    Not right that tax payers for illegal housing Food. And other needs. When we our selves have many in need

    • daniel miller

      May 19, 2023 at 8:43 pm

      If progressive/liberal/socialists would enforce our laws EVERYONE would be better off. Alas… you can’t fix stupid.

  2. Donald N. Baker

    May 19, 2023 at 8:33 pm

    Sure sucks when you are forced to follow your left wing slogans, doesn’t it.

  3. Doug Litchfield

    May 19, 2023 at 9:50 pm

    Sounds like the the pied piper sucked a reed people are not a tune to. Side show shock jocks are no longer relevant among independent critical thinking people. Quit wasting money on idiot 101 college courses.

  4. Fredric M. London

    May 20, 2023 at 4:46 am

    This whole situation is incredibly sick!

    Illegal aliens do not belong here, period. They should be back where they came from. But to take it to this insane extreme of feeding, housing, and protecting these people who shouldn’t even be here, to the tune of 10 billion dollars, is truly sick. The left wing is the greatest threat to this country in our history.

  5. Bob

    May 20, 2023 at 5:29 am

    Personally I think all of the Liberal New Yorkers from the Riches all the way down to the Poorest Families should have to take a family into their homes and support them.They need to stand up for their Principals. They just need to remember a old saying. You better be careful what you ask for because you just may get it! Looks like they got it and they need to live with it!!!

  6. Jerry C

    May 20, 2023 at 5:30 am

    If you enter the country illegally you are a criminal, period. As such, you should immediately be returned back from whence you came and permanently barred from U.S. soil. Caught a second time, several years in a desert prison then back where you came from. If you have actual grounds for asylum, follow the proper procedure at a U.S. embassy or consulate but don’t break our law and expect us to welcome you here. No school, no work, no driver’s licenses, no medical care beyond emergency lifesaving care to stabilize you for transport back to your own country, no more billions of dollars annually stolen from the American economy and sent to foreign lands by illegal workers, no more billions of tax dollars wasted annually on services for these criminals. Arrest every “sanctuary” politician & cop for violating their oaths of office and for violating the 14th Amendment rights of American citizens by prosecuting them for crimes while willfully ignoring an entire class of criminals. I have no problem with legal immigration, (‘though we have more than enough of our own ditch-diggers and, thus, no need to import more,) but these people are not immigrants, they are invaders.

  7. rottenrollin

    May 20, 2023 at 8:31 pm


    Eric Adams is just another democrat pile of hot steamy.

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