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January 1, ACLU Defends ‘F—k Biden’ Flag



The city of Blue Rapids, Kansas, dropped all charges against a man who flew a flag with a profane message against President Joe Biden after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) came to his defense.

The flag reportedly bore the message, “F—k Biden and F—k you for voting for him!”

In August, David Sain was charged with promoting obscenity and public nuisance.

“You know, I don’t know why they are making me take it down,” Sain said. “It is my freedom of speech and my First Amendment right.”

The ACLU agreed with Sain, saying the charges were unconstitutional and needed to be dismissed.

“This was a clear violation of the First Amendment,” said Sharon Brett, legal director of the ACLU of Kansas, in a statement. “Each of us, Mr. Sain included, enjoys a constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech.”

The city dropped the obscenity charge in October, and all other charges were dropped after the ACLU filed a motion alleging the prosecution against Sain was retaliatory.

“I’m grateful that I can continue to express myself with my flag without the fear of prosecution,” Sain said after the charges were dismissed.


Town Drops Charges Against Man Who Displayed Profane Flag

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