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January 1, 69-Vehicle Pileup in Virginia Leaves Dozens Injured



This Day in History | 1783

Following the signing of the Treaty of Paris, General George Washington resigns as commander in chief of the Continental Army and retires to his home at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Happy Hanukkah! And – just two shopping days left until Christmas. 

If you are donating to President’s Trump’s campaign, or any campaign for that matter, and you can’t afford to go to a wine cave to drop off your check, make sure you know who you are donating to.  According to Politico, dark money pro-Trump super PACs have raked in at least $46 million so far.  Even though these groups have zero affiliation with the actual Trump campaign. And thanks to the rules surrounding dark money super-PACs, it can be unclear how exactly the money is being use. This is also why the Trump campaign is trying to clear up the confusion these groups. 

Also today,  we have a story about the aftermath of a 69 vehicle pileup in Virginia. And remember Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post writer, and Saudi dissident who was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Turkey? Saudi Arabia, which at first denied any involvement in the killing, has sentenced five people to death for his murder. 

Read All About It. 

Fraser Dixon

69-Vehicle Pileup in Virginia Leaves Dozens Injured

(NBC News) – A major highway pileup in York County, Virginia, Sunday morning resulted in at least 51 people injured and a sizable traffic snarl.

The 69-vehicle wreck shut down traffic on Interstate 64 after a chain-reaction accident, according to the Virginia State Police. Though authorities are still investigating the cause of the collision, state police said there were fog and ice conditions on Queens Creek bridge when the accident occurred at about 7:51 a.m. local time.

Police initially said there were 35 people injured and transported to hospitals but then updated that number to 51 people in the afternoon.

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Trump Campaign Plagued by Groups Raising Tens of Millions in His Name

(Politico) – As President Donald Trump raises money for his reelection campaign, he’s competing for cash with a growing mass of pro-Trump PACs, dark money groups and off-brand Facebook advertisers neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Trump’s campaign, which have pulled in over $46 million so far.

The groups mimic Trump’s brand in the way they look and feel. They borrow the president’s Twitter avatar on Facebook pages, use clips of Trump’s voice in robocalls asking for “an emergency contribution to the campaign” and, in some cases, have been affiliated with former Trump aides, such as onetime deputy campaign manager David Bossie. But most are spending little money to help the president win in 2020, POLITICO found.

The unofficial pro-Trump boosters number in the hundreds and are alarming the actual operatives charged with reelecting the president: They suck up money that Trump aides think should be going to the campaign or the Republican National Committee, and they muddy the Trump campaign’s message and make it harder to accumulate new donors, Trump allies say.

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Saudi Sentences Five to Death, Three to Jail Over Khashoggi Murder

(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia on Monday sentenced five people to death and three more to jail terms totaling 24 years over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in October last year.

Saudi Deputy Public Prosecutor and spokesman Shalaan al-Shalaan, reading out the verdict in the trial, said the court dismissed charges against the remaining three of the 11 people that had been on trial, finding them not guilty.

“The investigation showed that the killing was not premeditated … The decision was taken at the spur of the moment,” Shalaan said.

Khashoggi was a U.S. resident and critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom’s de facto ruler. He was last seen at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, 2018, where he had gone to receive papers ahead of his wedding. His body was reportedly dismembered and removed from the building, and his remains have not been found.

Find out more about the sentences for 

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