January 19, 2023

5 Warnings From Ex-Walmart Employees

Millions of Americans turn to Walmart for its low prices and wide selection. But even the most frequent shoppers might not know everything there is to know — until former employees started sharing their inside information. Here are five major warnings from former Walmart employees.

The security cameras can read your texts

Walmart’s security cameras mean business. They cover the entire store and are capable of zooming in to read a shopper’s text messages, according to Athenia Marie, a former employee who goes by @obeygoddess on social media.

“One of the first things they did [during training] was bring us to the loss prevention room and zoom in so far [on a camera image] that you could literally read the date on the newspaper,” she said in a viral video. “They were trying to show us that if you steal from Walmart they will see.”

The self-checkout machines are heavily monitored

It might feel like you’re on an island in the self-checkout lane sometimes, but that is not the case. According to Athenia Marie, Walmart has devices that show employees what each shopper is ringing up at the self-checkout lanes. If they think you may be stealing, they can halt your transaction from afar. When this occurs, it just appears as if your machine is broken.

“At that point, you have no choice but to call for help,” says the employee in another viral video. “When we come over, we pretend something is wrong with the machine.”

At that point, the employee will remove all your items from the bags and ask you to go to a regular checkout instead. And with that, the retailer has covertly thwarted the shoplifting attempt.

Not all security guards wear uniforms

Former Walmart employee Paris Mars, a social media influencer, disclosed that the retailer has undercover security guards working in the store.

“There is security dressed in plain clothes and they look like customers,” Mars said. “They pretend that they’re shopping—they might have a cart, they might have a basket—but they’re watching you.”

And that’s not all. The employees may even be incentivized to catch would-be shoplifters.

“I was told that for every person that they catch in Walmart they get like a percentage, or raise, or commission for the person that they caught,” she said.

Athenia Marie echoed a similar experience.

“At my store, we had two people that would be there [at] all times like every day seemed like… They would walk around the store from morning till night time until we closed,” she explained.

Employees have practically zero product expertise

If you have a question about a particular product at Walmart, the workers likely don’t know any more about it than you do.

“We’re trained to read the box and basically tell you what we see on the box,” Mars said. 

One former employee said Walmart workers don’t have specific expertise about the departments they’re assigned to.

“No, I don’t know which non-clumping litter would be best for your asthmatic rescue cat. Yes, I do work in the pet section. Today, that is. Yesterday, I was in hardware, and tomorrow, I might be in health and beauty, or I might be in paper and chemicals,” the ex-worker wrote on Reddit. “Same goes for everyone else here.”

Beware of hearing “code brown” over the intercom

Your ears may be trained to ignore the announcements that blare over the store’s intercom, but you should be alert for a “code brown.”

Code brown means that there’s a shooter within the building, according to one former employee.

There are other intercom color codes used to convey information to employees as well. Black is a weather condition, green is a hostage situation, blue is a bomb, red is fire, and orange is a chemical hazard.

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4 comments on 5 Warnings From Ex-Walmart Employees

  1. Leftshot says:

    Walmart employees have shared with me the incredible amount of theft they’ve been experiencing. As an example, we went to one store to buy a $100 item that comes in boxes as big as a large suitcase. There were supposed to be SEVEN of these on the shelves. There were none. The employees weren’t a bit surprised and stated product is exiting through the self check out area like a sieve. I’m having trouble squaring that with the information above.

  2. Laurie Kurs says:

    I have never understood how any store – offering self-checkout – could not foresee the simplicity in stealing provided by TRUSTING customers to be honest. It’s not even a challenge to accomplish theft….1) maybe every item in cart is NOT scanned. 2) Maybe only 2 of 4 similar items are scanned. 3) Bringing one’s own bags…how many items are IN bags BEFORE even approaching check out scanner. 4) Putting UNSCANNED items UNDERNEATH heavy paid for bags…receipt in hand –
    So many ways I can think of…yet, I would never contemplate stealing! (I guess we New Yorkers’ are ware).

  3. max says:

    many stores I would suspect have some security, especially the higher level stores. I worked for a store that is no long called Maas brothers. they had security guards that walked around like shoppers and were watching. Now we have technology that aids in this tremendously. I hear Walmart is one store that is also going woke. Our loveable government is forcing stores and businesses that want to survive in the future to do so. If they don’t they will surely fail. The gov. will control those that choose to stay.

  4. Joe says:

    Does no good to catch them if you have leftist DA. Who won’t force them to pay bail and let them go with no charges.

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