April 13, 2022

At Least 28 Injured in Subway Attack

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New York City authorities are searching for a suspect who opened fire inside a subway train and station on Tuesday morning, injuring at least 28 people.

Authorities say the suspect, an approximately 5-foot-5 heavy-set black male in a green “construction type” vest and a gray hooded sweatshirt, donned a gas mask, set off a smoke canister, and opened fire around 8:24 a.m. as the train approached a station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

“This is terror,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “Someone attempted to terrorize our system.”

As of this reporting, five of those injured in the incident are in critical condition.

“This individual is still on the loose,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) said. “We’re asking individuals to be very vigilant and alert. This is an active shooter situation right now in the city of New York.” 

The governor called for an end to violent crime.

“We say no more, no more mass shootings. No more disrupting lives,” Hochul said.

“No more creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal New Yorkers. It has to end. It ends now. And we are sick and tired of reading headlines about crime.” 


Brooklyn subway shooting leaves 28 injured, ‘dangerous’ suspect at large: officials

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