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2.5 Million Truckers Say They’ll Quit Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate



Millions of truckers say they’ll quit over President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, leading to dire supply chain issues if it’s enforced.

“We’ve tried to be very clear to the administration — I understand the logic behind it — but if you do this, these are the consequences,” American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear told the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week. “So if you’re trying to solve the supply chain problem, you’re actually compounding it and actually hurting the very problem you’re trying to fix.”

According to an ATA survey, if Biden’s vaccine mandate is enforced, the trucking industry will lose 37% of its workforce — 2.5 million truckers.

Spear told the House members the survey “came back as 37% of drivers not only said ‘no,’ but ‘hell no.’”

“It’s not about being anti-vax — we’ve been moving the vaccine test kits,” Spears added.



2.5 million truckers say they’ll quit over vaccine mandate, industry warns Biden