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January 1, Jury awards $10M to hospital exec who said he was fired for being a white man



A federal jury awarded former hospital executive David Duvall $10 million for allegedly being fired for being a white man.

Duvall’s lawsuit, filed against the North Carolina-based Novant Health, Inc., in 2019, claims that the company fired him from his role as senior vice president of marketing and communications “without warning and without explanation” because of his race and gender.

Duvall’s attorney, Luke Largess, argues in the documents that Duvall was fired “without warning or cause as part of an intentional campaign to promote diversity in its management ranks.”

The company denied the allegations in a written response, claiming that Duvall was terminated “due to his deficient performance, including his inability to communicate effectively before a group and the delegation of the critical duties of his position to his subordinates.”

According to court records, a federal jury found that Duvall’s race and sex were a motivating factor in Novant Health’s decision to terminate him.

Largess said he was “pleased” with the outcome but added that the lawsuit “was decidedly not a statement against diversity and inclusion programs.”

“The lawsuit was only about the need to run such programs lawfully,” Largess said. “We believe the punitive damages award was a strong message that an employer cannot just fire employees based on their race or gender to create opportunities to achieve diversity targets.”


Hospital Exec Who Said He Was Fired for Being a White Man Awarded $10M by Jury: ‘Disappointed,’ Says Company



  1. Orange peel

    October 31, 2021 at 10:59 am

    I bet most hospitals will be seeing a lot of lawsuits for their unamerican unmoral ways. The owners of these hospitals are uneducated when it comes to firing people because of the color of their skin. The stupidity running through hospitals and the lies they tell. Come to Michigan where the people running the hospitals are paid to destroy the workers rights. Millionaires that don’t care about the workers or the patients only care about money. Have you been to the hospital lately. Cheap food which is disgusting. Throwing away equipment that is not used but because it was left in a patient’s room. They way they use this virus is disgusting. Hospitals not giving treatment to people with the virus. They get paid for death patients. They workers getting threatened every day because they won’t bow down to Joe Biden unamerican mandates which are unconstitutional and against the law. The some doctors not doing their jobs but walk into any patients room to get paid. They don’t even know the patients but money is more important than helping the patients. Insurance companies that won’t pay for treatment or drugs because the democrats tell them what to do. How many Congress people have stock in hospitals or health insurance companies? Do any of you really trust the hospitals or doctors anymore. They are killing off people every day and dying about it. America has turned into a third world country because of stupid voters ,young uneducated people brain washed and idiot old people. Joe Biden has to be impeach or arrested for crimes against humanity. Our justice system is broken. Nancy Pelosi needs arrested and convicted of treason.

    • Ann Grimsley

      October 31, 2021 at 4:21 pm

      Most of the corrupt Republicans are in bed with every CEO in all professions. All employees who don’t want to protect themselves, the public or their own family members should find other jobs. If one of them gets covid at their place of employment for being ignorant, let that be on them. The Republicans don’t give a ratz azz about anyone but themselves. Those liars got themselves and their family members vaccinated and want to encourage people not to get it. What a bunch of hypocrits.

    • Ann Grimsley

      October 31, 2021 at 4:28 pm

      If only “45” could have been arrested for tyranny, treason and sedition.

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